About the blog of Japanophilia

#Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic 2020, and #Osaka Expo 2025, will be held in two years for Olympic and seven years for Exposion in Japan.
If you have background knowledge/information on Japan, you would surely enjoy almost everything while in Japan.

Hi everyone, how are you?   Thanks for visiting and browsing my website.
I’m Shigeki Furubayashi, born in Nagano prefecture that is situated in the central part of Japan, 71 years old (as of Jan. 2018).

I’d like to revise the age, as shown the photo here taken on my 74th birthday.

Frankly speaking,  I’ve traveled many countries in the world during my 20s as I was very interested to see foreign countries’ culture,  places of interest, characteristics of people and so on.
Thanks to the opportunities having visited places globally,  I learned a lot from people of different cultures and the like, resulting the fact that I’ve been leading a full life with aging.

At the same time,  I’d like to give all what I’ve learned throughout my life about the traditions of Japan to you, and I am hoping that this informative website can be beneficial to you when you visit us here in Japan in the near future!

Japanese culture is essentially based on faith influence by mostly Buddhism linking to Zen, tea ceremony, Noh, and Bushido (the code of the Samurai/chivalry).

Finally,  please feel free to ask me anything,  not only regarding traditional items but also about current topics and I’d really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks again and enjoy browsing my website!